Ghent fire: residents forced out of 30 flats

A fire at a seven-storey block of flats in the Ghent suburb of Ledeberg meant residents from thirty different apartments had to be evacuated last night.  Fire broke out around midnight.  Fortunately nobody was injured.

The residents were alerted to the situation by the fire alarm and proceeded to leave their flats. Fortunately Ghent fire fighters soon had the blaze under control.

“I can’t tell you what caused the fire” fire service captain Erwin Van Damme told VRT. “Smoke spread to all parts of the building via technical shafts, even up to the 6th floor. By the time we got there, the entire building had been evacuated.  The fire alarm had been correctly triggered.”

“Once we located the source of the fire, the blaze was soon put out. We ventilated the building.  One resident, a lung patient, was taken to hospital as a precaution.”

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