Aldi goes on strike: “They want to reverse corona measures”

Twenty-six Aldi stores failed to open in East Flanders Province this morning.  Aldi workers are taking strike action now that the supermarket’s chain has indicated it wishes to reverse corona measures.  Aldi staff are also unhappy with work pressure.

It’s above all Greater Ghent, the Waasland District and the Flemish Ardennes Region that are affected by the strike.  Aldi operates 65 stores across East Flanders.

Jan De Weghe of the socialist union says that Aldi staff feel the management aren’t giving them the respect due: “Aldi has introduced a new store concept.  Stores have become bigger, but the organisation hasn’t followed and as a result work pressure is pretty high.”

“Staff are also demanding that measures agreed during the corona crisis are retained”. 

Aldi staff were given a bonus in the form of luncheon vouchers.

Wouter Parmentier of the Christian union insists the management are eager to reverse other safety measures taken during the corona crisis.

“Think of the disinfecting of shopping carts and restrictions on the number of customers in store” he says.

The management has invited the unions to talks to resolve the conflict.

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