Get your freebie rail pass now

Belgium’s state-owned rail company has announced that the time has finally come to apply for your free rail pass that the government promised so many months ago.  The ‘Hello Belgium Railpass’ will be valid from 5 October and will allow you to complete two journeys a month for the next six months.

After the lockdown the mobility minister had hoped to treat us all to free rail trips as early as this summer but failed to let the rail company know about his intention.  Moreover, there were worries about trains that would be choc-a-block, so the pass was delayed.

You can apply for the ‘Hello Belgium Railpass’ valid for 12 journeys if you are a Belgian resident and have a national register number, which you will find on your ID. Go to to request your pass. Cards are personal and must be filled in before you board.  Don’t forget your ID when you travel. 

The pass is valid between all Belgian stations on weekdays after 9AM.

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