Prince Laurent backs C02 meters in class to combat coronavirus

Belgium’s Prince Laurent, often described as the ‘enfant terrible of the Belgian royal family’, has purchased CO2 meters for use in the classrooms of his children.  High levels of CO2 point to poor air quality and a need to ventilate the room.  The meters can also help in the fight against coronavirus: the virus will spread more easily in spaces that are poorly ventilated.

Prince Laurent, King Filip’s brother, says he’s noticed that many parents are stuck with a lot of questions at the start of the new schoolyear.  The prince, who has three children, decided to speak with leading Belgian virologist Marc Van Ranst and he recommended CO2 meters for the classroom!

“A CO2 meter is part of preventative action we can take” says Prince Laurent.  The prince’s wife, Princess Claire, who is half British, caught coronavirus last spring. Ever since Prince Laurent has been on his guard.

“We don’t want to make anybody fearful, but instead to benefit from existing technology.”

Prof Van Ranst says: “A CO2 measurement shows how much exhaled air there is in a room.  When there is an infected person in the room, the amount of exhaled air is a good indication to show how easily the virus can spread.  Little CO2?  Then the virus will have little chance.  A lot of CO2? Then more ventilation is needed.”

Prince Laurent says a CO2 meter need not set you back too much: “Chip in together with 30 other parents each paying 2 euros and you’ll have your meter!”

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