Traffic institute identifies most dangerous school journeys

Figures from the traffic safety institute VIAS show that on average 14 children a day are injured in a traffic accident on the way to and from school.

Most at risk are boys aged 16, often using a moped. The figures that relate to accidents between 2015 and 2019 also show a large number of 12-year-olds getting hurt.  Twelve is the age many children start to make the journey under their own steam. In addition the evening appears to be a more dangerous time of day than the morning.

Stef Willems of VIAS: “Our analysis shows that the journey home from school is most dangerous.  More accidents occur.  The end of the week too more accidents happen.  It’s not only due to schoolchildren.  Other road users too are involved.  Now the new schoolyear is starting it’s important all these other road users are alert, especially vis-a-vis vulnerable road users”.

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