Sigh of relief as nudist beach reopens in Bredene

Naturists will welcome the news: the nudist beach in the seaside resort of Bredene is back in business!  It’s been a hard summer for naturists who love the beach and the sea.  The sole nudist beach on the Flemish coast was closed to give regular beach lovers more space to spread out more and avoid coronavirus.


Now the summer rush is over naturalists can sigh with relief. “We’re all very relieved” Koen Meulemans of the Belgian Federation for Naturism confided. “Many people were worried it wouldn’t reopen, but the mayor promised it would.”

“It made us very sad, but we did understand the reasoning.  The nudist beach is simply too popular during the summer months.  Most people accepted the closure without complaint, though several Dutch naturists wanted me to organise a demo”.

Naturists weren’t completely left out in the cold this summer. Koen Meulemans: “My wife and I made a tour of all the Belgian naturist venues.  Apart from Bredene there are 9 other locations where you can stroll about in the nude.”

With 17°C tops forecast for today, the nudist beach probably won’t be inundated just yet, but Koen insists he has heard from people who are off to Bredene come what may!

Toerisme Bredene

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