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Chovanec widow: "Maybe someone else can be saved from these beasts"

The widow of Jozef Chovanec, the Slovak businessman who died after an incident at Charleroi Airport in February 2018, has spoken to the VRT. She says she lost her faith in the Belgian judicial system, and thinks somebody must be lying as it is a cover-up operation for her. The widow was speaking to the VRT's Jan Balliauw, who travelled to Bratislava for the interview.  

Henrieta Chovancova says she is pretty sure Jozef Chovanec died in the prison cell, and not in hospital afterwards. Due to official accounts, he suffered a heart attack in hospital a couple of days later which caused his death, but his widow says he was suffocated by police in the prison cell. "The heart attack was an excuse to cover everything up", she claims, adding that the whole case was (is) a cover-up to protect certain people. 

In the interview, Henrieta also explains why she decided to release the footage taken in the prison cell after more than two years, a very difficult decision for her: "I had no other choice", she says, because the case was not moving.

The widow says she lost her faith in the Belgian judicial authorities and in the then Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon. "How can you trust this kind of person? One time he says something, next time something different."

Still, she is not giving up the fight, because she wants to avoid new victims. "Nothing can bring back my husband. But maybe (in the future) somebody else could be saved from these beasts." 

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