Antwerp "drugs war trial" starts today

In Antwerp, the trial has kicked off about a series of arson cases and a grenade attack in the Park Spoor Noord area last year.  Five men aged between 19 and 27 have to appear before the judge for incidents that were probably triggered by a war between drugs gangs. 

In March 2019, three cars were set ablaze in the Biekorfstraat and the Rupelstraat in Antwerpen and in Hoboken. In a reaction, shots were fired at a house in the Biekorfstraat about one week later. And that's not all: three days later, fake grenades were thrown in the Biekorfstraat, but this was soon follwed by a real explosive, which caused damage to several façades and cars. 

The facts are probably related to a war between drugs gangs. As a result, systematic identity checks were held in the area, and more CCTV cameras were installed. The public prosecutor has demanded six years' imprisonment.   

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