"Olli 2.0" is up and running: a bus without driver in Ghent

A first for Belgium: a small electric bus is running without any assistance, though one 'conductor' is still supervising things on board.  

The 'bus without driver' carries patients and visitors between the entrance of the Maria Middelares Hospital in Ghent and a public transport hub, a fully automatic ride of 600 metres. Each time, eight people can join. The bus has been equipped with various sensors, radars and cameras and can find its way on the hospital site by itself. For safety reasons, one 'supervisor' is still coming along to be able to intervene if something would go wrong. 

Ollie 2.0 is expected to carry about 600 people each day, and will run at a speed of 25 kilometres per hour (15 miles). The hospital invested 360,000 euros in the project, which is a follow-up of a first, similar bus but with a driver.

Watch the video here:

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