Covid-19 update: figures keep improving, corona tracing app on the way

Covid figures keep improving. While the number of new infections remains almost status-quo, we are seeing less hospitalisations and fatalities. Meanwhile, the new corona tracing app is almost ready. 

The number of new corona infections shows a slight drop on the week. The rolling average for last week (24 to 30 August) was 440 new patients per day, 11 percent less on the week. However, looking at the daily figures, we are seeing a light rise. The rolling average was in the low 430s some days ago, and has now climbed a little bit to 440. The total number of infections has reached almost 86,000 in Belgium. 

Other corona figures are also improving: the number of fatalities was 4 per day, coming from 6 the week before. 

On average, 17 new patients had to be taken to hospital each day, compared to 20 the week before that.  

The new app for contact tracing should be ready by 10 September. This was announced by Karine Moykens, who coordinates contact tracing efforts in Belgium: "The app will first be launched in a test group of about 10,000 people who will try it out in real life.  This will allow us to see whether it is properly functioning. We could then open the app to the public at large on 20 September." Nobody will be obliged to install the new app; critics say contact tracing will only work properly if enough people do so.

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