UNICEF report for Belgium: child poverty and obesity deserve more attention

The United Nations' children's fund UNICEF has released a new report on child welfare, putting Belgium on 8th place in a list of 41 rich EU and OECD countries. The Netherlands, Denmark and Norway are the best countries to grow up as a child. Belgium is not doing too bad, but there are some points that deserve extra attention. 

UNICEF looked at factors determining the mental and physical well-being of our children, such as our education system, health care access and  poverty.

Belgium is doing well  on a number of points, but there are a couple of things giving rise to concern: one in four Belgian children is obese (only seven countries have a worse score), and one in three 15-year-olds are unable to read a text and understand the content.  Still, looking at basic proficiency in reading and mathematics together, Belgium is not doing bad at all with 11th place. 

Another problem is child poverty: Belgium drops to 29th place in this respect, since one in five children grow up in a low-income family.  

Turkey, Mexico and Greece have the lowest score on the general list. Click here to consult the complete report: "World of Influence, understanding what shapes child well-being in rich countries." 

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