Covid-19: orange alert for 26 municipalities, mainly in the Brussels area and the city of Antwerp

The Risk Assessment Group (RAG) which analyses the coronavirus threat in Belgium, is asking 26 municipalities to have their local crisis cells discuss the situation in order to take possible measures. This could have sonsequences for the schools in these areas. 

While the general picture for Belgium is not looking too bad, there can be local differences. There are reasons for concern in 26 different municipalities, experts of the RAG have announced.

The 26 municipalities are:

  • the 19 municipalities of the Brussels Region
  • Grimbergen, Wemmel and Kraainem
  • Vilvoorde and Machelen
  • the city of Antwerp
  • Borsbeek

One of the consequences could be that schools in these areas will switch to code orange instead of yellow, though this is not necessarily so, says virologist Steven Van Gucht. A decision will be taken by the Flemish Education Minister Ben Weyts together with the local authorities. 

Under an amber code, schools would have to switch to online education from the third year in secondary education for 50 percent. Students in the second and third grade would still be able to go to school one week, but would have to follow online courses the other week.  

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