Covid-19 update: 439 new infections per day last week; public transport too crowded

The latest corona figures for Belgium confirm that things are improving, but meanwhile the Christian trades union ACV is sounding the alarm about school children packed in public buses and trams which are far too crowded.  

Let's take a look at the figures first: we had 439 new infections per day in the week between 25 and 31 August. This figure is almost the same as yesterday, but compared to the week before that, it still means a drop of 11 percent. It seems that the number of infections has reached a "plateau" in the past few days, i.e. a status-quo.

During the past week, there were 4 Covid deaths per day on average, compared to 6 the week before that. 16 patients had to be taken to hospital each day, coming from 19 the week before. 

Meanwhile, public buses and trams operated by the Flemish public transport company De Lijn, have been far too crowded since the start of the school year, the Christian trades union ACV points out. Travellers (mainly pupils and students) are standing too close to one another, and the situation is also bad news for the bus drivers. Geert Witterzeel of the ACV calls this situation  "irresponsible": "Our drivers are afraid and it's not often that they use this terminology."

A solution would be to have more buses going, but De Lijn underlines it is already at its maximum capacity. 

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