Maarten Cuvelier/

The "phantom of the forest" is back: a lynx spotted in the Semois valley

There is proof of a lynx roaming the area of the Semois in Wallonia. The animal was caught on a camera which had been put there by a volunteer. Its presence means that the lynx is officially back in Belgium after alomst two centuries. 

A lynx is cat-like creature, but much bigger, the size of a big dog. They are very shy, wild animals that live a solitary life, only coming together for a brief period in the mating season. A predator that chases other mammals like rodents and deer, the lynx prefers large natural areas to hide for human beings and for hunting. 

The lynx was native to Belgium until two centuries ago, when it disappeared due to human activities. There have been rumours of lynxes here for some time, but now there is finally proof after Maarten Cuvelier, a a volunteer at Landschap vzw and Welkom Wolf (that is concerned with spotting wolves), managed a snapshot with an unmanned camera.

It was taken on 27 August somewhere in the Semois valley, but the exact location remains a secret.     

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