Flemish government has good news for event organisers

Event companies applying to stage an event can count on a preliminary subsidy of 25,000 to 800,000 euros from the Flemish government. If the event would have to be cancelled later on due to coronavirus, then the subsidy does not have to be paid back. "We want to avoid that organisers do not want to take the risk", Economy Minister Hilde Crevits explains. 

The event sector is in dire straits due the corona crisis. Events are possible again at present, but with a lot of restrictions. In order to convince those that are still hesitating, Hilde Crevits has announced this support measure. "With the eye on creating extra jobs", she says. 

The subsidy will total 25,000 euros at least, and may reach up to 60 percent of the total cost, with a limit of 800,000 euros. "If you would organise a concert, you can apply for a deposit. You have to pay this back later on, except when your event would have to be cancelled." Organisers can apply for the cash at VLAIO.  

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