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Leuven students stage silent vigil for hazing victim Sanda Dia

Students and other youngsters have paid tribute to Sanda Dia, the student who died during a hazing event at student club Reuzegom, on 7 December 2018, at the age of 20. The trial started yesterday, but was immediately postponed. 

Students an those wanting to express their support for the victim assembled at the Blauwputplein in Leuven. 

The event was organised by Karibu, a student association from Leuven, and Belgian Youth Against Racism. Their aim was to support the parents and family of Sanda Dia in the first place. They slammed the "injustice" they have seen in this case, and also criticised the Leuven university KU Leuven for the "soft response" towards the members of the student club Reuzegom. Some of them will have to stand trial.   

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