Nicolas Maeterlinck

Fire services targeted by youngsters in Brussels Marollen district

Some 30 youngsters caused havoc in the Brussels Marollenwijk on Saturday evening. Windows were smashed, a car and some dustbins were set ablaze. When fire services arrived at the scene, they were attacked with Molotov cocktails in what may have been a set-up. The judicial authorities have started an investigation to find the aggressors, using CCTV footage.  

The problems started around 9 pm yesterday. The windows of a crèche were smashed in the Nieuwlandstraat and the Wasserijstraat. Garbage bins and a car were set ablaze. Molotov cocktails were hurled at firefighters when they arrived, but nobody got injured. Police came to the scene and dispersed some 30 youngsters. 

"We searched the area and found 3 more unused Molotov cocktails," says Olivier Slosse of the Brussels police. "No arrests were made tonight, but we will try to do this using CCTV footage and other elements." An investigation has been started.

Some claim the whole thing was set up to ambush fire services.  Yesterday's incidents followed incidents on Friday evening in the Marollenwijk, when a couple of police officers were threatened at an intervention. Slosse thinks the two incidents are connected. 

The Brussels firefighters are very angry and are taking the whole matter serious. They will launch an official complaint and are demanding a harsher approach by the Brussels authorities. 

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