New incident in Antwerp, just 24 hours after the start of 'Operation Night Watch'

The Antwerp municipality of Deurne was the scene of a shooting incident last night, as two men on a scooter fired at a house. The latest incident came just 24 hours after the start of 'Operation Night Watch', in which police step up efforts to counter crimes related to drugs gangs. 

The shooting took place around 10 pm yesterday. Two young men on a scooter fired shots at a house in the Palinckstraat in Deurne. A local resident saw it happening: "I saw a scooter carrying the two men. One was wearing a helmet, the other not. Suddenly I noticed that the man sitting at the back was carrying a gun." 

The attackers managed to get away. Police closed the street for further research; two bullet holes were found in a garage door. Antwerp police are deploying extra means to counter drugs-related crime: more teams are patrolling the streets, more ID checks are being held, and special teams are ready to intervene if necessary.  

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