Queen Elisabeth or Antoinette Spaak? Hundreds of suggestions for new name for Brussels tunnel

The Brussels Leopold II Tunnel will get a new name, and suggestions are pouring in: 1,500 on half a day. If you want to make a suggestion yourself, there is ample time until the end of the month. But beware: women rule! 

After the controversy about the atrocities committed in the Belgian colony of Congo - under the former King Leopold II's reign -  the busy Brussels Tunnel bearing his name will get a new name in the end.

As only 6.1 percent of the Brussels streets has the name of a woman at present, it will be a female name this time. Members of public can make a sugegstion, and this initiative turns out to be a great success: 1,500 people did so on just half a day.

"The ideas are very diverse", says Inge Paemen of Brussel Mobiliteit. "Some people stay in the royal section and are thinking of our future queen Elisabeth. Others want to pay tribute to people who have recently died, like Annie Cordy. Others are suggesting names of leaders of the Congolese resistance at the time." Another suggestion was Antoinette Spaak, the daughter of the former Belgian PM  Paul-Henri Spaak who also went into politics.

You can take your chance during the end of September via this website of via the free number 0800 94 001 (between 8 and 6pm). A group of experts will compile a final list, but the Brussels residents will have the final say in a vote. The new name should be announced in November.  

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