Brussels University students to receive diploma on the Grand Place

The people of Brussels have something to look forward too.  In a unique ceremony graduates at the Flemish Free University of Brussels, the VUB, and its Francophone counterpart ULB will be handed their diploma on the city’s historic market square.

It’s never happened before, but the City of Brussels is granting the two free-thinking universities an opportunity to stage this ceremony outdoors and in a unique setting.  Pencil in 28 September in your diaries.

The corona emergency means the usual graduation ceremony has had to be scrapped.  Specially adapted ceremonies accommodating 200 graduates will be held in the open air.  The VUB is going to have to organise ten different ceremonies for 1,700 students.  At the ULB the figures are 18 ceremonies for 3,000 students.

Each graduating student will be allowed to bring along two guests from their own personal bubble.  Seating and standing room will be available on the Grand’ Place for the guests, though the customary reception afterwards has been scrapped.

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