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Christian democrats in a tiswas as they are gifted a floorcloth

After months of procrastination the Flemish Christian democrats last week agreed to go along with federal government formation talks without the Flemish nationalist N-VA. It could unblock the political stalemate, but Joachim Coens’s party is already being accused of going back on its word.

Tom Van Grieken, leader of the Flemish far right Vlaams Belang: “In recent months we heard robust language and logical utterances from the CD&V.  They said ‘We have principles.  We are not the floorcloth of political Belgium!’ They seem to have forgotten these words.  To remind them we are today gifting them a floorcloth.”

The protest came exactly on the morning that the Christian democrat leader let it be known he was greatly displeased with what was happening in the federal formation process.  Mr Coens voiced doubts about whether other parties will stick to the commitments they made only last week. 

Mr Coens had sought guarantees over ethical issues including no relaxation of the abortion law. “I’m not quite sure these guarantees still stand” he told VRT News.

UPDATE: Mr Coens met with the liberal and socialist leaders heading the formation process on Monday afternoon and came out of the gathering a happy man.

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