Flemish pupils switch to the bike not the car

Fresh figures show that one in three youngsters who travelled to school by bus or tram before the corona emergency has now switched to the bike. The survey conducted by the Flemish automobile association VAB confirms the bike as the king of the school run.

Before the start of the corona crisis one in two pupils used public transport to get to and from school.  The VAB was worried many would switch to the car, but fortunately this hasn’t happened and advice to use a bike has been heeded. One in three secondary school pupils that used to get to school by public transport has switched to the bike.  Just under half are sticking with public transport, while 16% are now getting to school by car.

Public transport is most popular among youngsters, who live outside the large conurbations or in the suburbs. 

Before corona four out of ten pupils said that they chiefly used the bike to get to school.  This figure has now risen to six out of ten. It’s mainly the bus and the tram that are seeing less custom.

The automobile association has a message for the municipal authorities: it’s above all up to them to ensure safety for cyclists near the school gate and on routes to and from school.

The VAB believes more pupils will revert to public transport when the clocks go back in October and hopes that in conjunction with schools and the local authorities the Flemish local transport company will by then have worked out how to offer a safe services to meet expected increased demand. Flemish transport minister Peeters is examining how private bus and coach companies can be involved in the operation in order to create extra bus and driver capacity.

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