Police stop anti corona measures' demo

Police in Brussels stopped a protest against corona measures in Brussels on Sunday.  The demo was organised by an organisation calling itself ‘Viruswaanzin’ (Virus Madness).

Up to 400 people responded to an appeal to protest against corona restrictions in the Belgian and Flemish capital on Sunday.  Police decided to stop the demo because many protesters were not wearing a face mask as is mandatory across the entire Brussels Region and were not observing a 1.5m social distance.

Two people were detained. Police spokesman Slosse of the City of Brussels/Elsene police zone: “We repeatedly asked people to respect the rules and wear masks and observe social distancing. When there was no response we identified those who were in violation of the law and drew up police reports.”

‘Virus Madness’ opposes coronavirus restrictions and is calling for the end to “measures introduced to combat the spread of coronavirus that take away our liberty, especially given the normalisation in hospitals”.

This was the organisation’s second demo in Brussels.

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