COVID-19: over 500 new cases a day

The latest figures from health institute Sciensano show that during the latest seven-day observation period from 30 August to 5 September on average 502 people tested positive for coronavirus each day.

The figure is up 13% on the previous observation period. It’s the fourth day in a row that the figures edge higher.

Nearly 90,000 people have so far come down with coronavirus in Belgium.

There’s been a further rise in hospitalisations too with the daily average increasing from 16 to 21.  COVID-19 deaths have fallen from 4 to 2 a day on average.

Boudewijn Catry of the national crisis centre speaks of a ‘rising trend for 5 days now’.  He told a news conference it’s a general phenomenon: cases are rising in all provinces bar Flemish Brabant, Liege and Luxembourg Province.  All age categories under 60 are affected.

The highest number of new cases was recorded in the Brussels Region: on average 123 cases a day – up 13% on the week.

In Antwerp the average is 101 new cases a day – up 21% on the week.

COVID-19 patients are getting less seriously ill than during the first wave.  Boudewijn Catry sees two explanations.  Patients are a lot younger and international co-operation has allowed doctors to optimise treatments: e.g. dexamethasone, a drug usually used to treat rheumatism, is successfully being administered as a supportive therapy.

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