Eight Flemish schools in Brussels report cases of COVID-19

The schools belong to the official GO! Network. One or more people at each school are affected. Elsewhere in Flanders several other schools too have been hit by corona too.

In Brussels the centre for pupil guidance is charged with contact tracing. In Molenbeek (Brussels) teachers and other staff are in quarantine after one of their number tested positive for coronavirus. 

Outside Brussels, in Vilvoorde (Flemish Brabant), 16 pupils in the third year at the local athenaeum secondary school are in quarantine after a pupil tested positive. Other year classes are going ahead as normal.

“The whole class is in preventative quarantine after one pupil displayed mild symptoms and tested positive” said school head Ward Brouwers. The pupils will get distance learning for two weeks.

The infected pupil was not in contact with any other pupils from outside the class.  Parents and other household members of pupils in preventative quarantine need not stay home themselves as they didn’t have any direct contact with the sick pupil.

In Antwerp the Steiner School Hibernia is closing for two weeks after a teacher tested positive, while in Zelzate (East Flanders) 170 secondary school pupils will get distance learning after two teachers came down with the virus. The measure was needed as half the school’s teachers need to quarantine.

Meanwhile the centres for pupil guidance belonging to the independent (Roman Catholic) network warn that corona measures are not being strictly observed everywhere. The centres that have the job of contact tracing if there is a case are worried about too many teachers congregating in one space.  The risk is that an entire teacher corps could need to quarantine.

The centres have also received reports about groups of pupils coming too close together when there is a change of classroom or on the playground, though a spokesman for the centres stressed many schools are observing measures properly. 

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