Police station raided as part of illegal weapons trafficking probe

Police have seized 374 weapons and 400 kilos of ammunition during raids as part of an investigation into illegal arms trafficking.  16 properties including a police station were raided.  Ten suspects including a police commissioner were led away for questioning.

The raids targeted properties in Watermaal-Bosvoorde and Oudergem (Brussels), in Waterloo, Laken, Lasne, Tubize, Ath, Braine-le-Château and Braine L’Alleud (Walloon Brabant). Homes, a weapons dealership and a police station were all searched.

“Numerous handguns, rifles and automatic weapons were found as well as grenades.  374 weapons were taken away for examination.  Twelve vehicles including several luxury cars were seized.  Weapons experts assisted the investigators in order to identify the different types of weapon” a spokesperson for the public prosecutor said.

Those arrested include weapons collectors, two weapon dealers and a police commissioner.

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