Jonas Roosens

“Do you think you’re going to make much of your life?”

Video footage showing the actions and sarcastic words of a police officer up in Antwerp have gone viral.  The officer takes a teenager to task for giving him a ‘left wing sermon’ and casts doubts on the girl’s future.

The officer intervened because he thought the girls, who were eating lunch outside on the pavement, were sitting too close.  The teenagers, who at school form part of the same bubble, objected.  They believe there wasn’t a problem because they formed part of the same bubble at school.

The officer qualified their reaction as a ‘left wing sermon’ and noted the fine would be in the post.  After the teenager wished the officer a pleasant remainder of the day, the officer responding by challenging the girl: “Do you think you’re going to make much of your life? With a mentality like yours... I will write it down for you… Much won’t come of it.  If you can’t follow rules in life. Hopeless.”

Antwerp police have meanwhile launched an internal enquiry.  Police hope to establish what exactly preceded the scene shown in the video. The girls involved in the incident are being advised to file a formal complaint.

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