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Discover the marvel of biodiversity at ‘Living Planet’ at the Natural Sciences Museum

A new exhibition has just opened at the Brussels Museum of Natural Sciences, famous for its collection of iguanodons. ‘Living Planet’ is accommodated a new gallery, the culmination of 15 years of renovation work. 

With the help of 850 stuffed animals ‘Living Planet’ allows you to marvel at the diversity of life on earth, a diversity that is increasingly coming under threat from humans.

‘Living Planet’ reveals the scope of biodiversity, from the smallest animals to the tallest trees.  The exhibition is spread out over two floors.  Interactive applications explain what biodiversity involves while you amble among 850 stuffed animals. Scientists have documented 1.8 million species.  New species are being added every day, but many others also disappear. A WWF report revealed that 68% of species that the organisation is monitoring have been wiped out in less than half a century.

One of the highlights of the collection is the enormous skeleton of a blue whale measuring 23 metres and weighing 3.5 tons.

While you are there don’t forget to take a peek at the Bernissart Collection, thirty life-size iguanodon skeletons discovered by accident during a coal dig in Hainault Province in 1878.

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