Only a third of parents and children support face coverings in class

The 19th edition of Antwerp University’s online corona survey focused largely on the move back to school.  It reveals low support for face coverings in the classroom among pupils and their parents.

23,000 people filled in Antwerp University’s questionnaire.  It showed that only just over half of teaching staff back face coverings in class, while support falls to one in three among pupils and their parents.  The impact on interaction and the belief that it lowers concentration levels are the most frequently heard arguments for trashing face coverings in class.

The survey also identified tumbling support for vaccination.  At the end of July 87% of people taking part indicated they would get the jab when it becomes available.  This figure has now dropped to 76%.  The number of people insisting they will not get immunised has grown from 5% to 9.5%.  Three out of four respondents agreed with the claim that new vaccines mean greater risks.  Over half of those taking part voiced concern about possible side effects.

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