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Events sector: “We are world class and should remain so!”

Belgium’s events sector is looking at a deficit of 800 million euros by the end of this year.  In order for businesses to survive the sector is urgently requesting additional government aid, e.g. extending the period employees can sign on for temporary unemployment benefit, possibly until the end of the crisis. 

Businesses are able to organise small scale events but these they say are insufficient to keep the sector alive. Sam Sluismans of consultants Deloitte that made the calculations: “Even after the temporary unemployment measure the sector is still facing a shortfall of 1.5 billion euros. Take tax breaks and subsidies into account and the sector is still looking at a 777 million euro deficit”.

Bruno Schaubroeck of Confederation Events says that the sector is looking at bankruptcies due to lack of cash and future perspective as wall as people leaving:  “We are world class and should remain so!”

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