Highest number of new cases in Brussels: 5% of tests are positive

On average during the past seven-day observation period from 1 to 7 September 547 people a day in Belgium tested positive for coronavirus. The figure is up 22% on the week.

It's the sixth day in a row the figure is higher.

“The figures are on the rise” says virologist Steven Van Gucht. “On Monday 7 September 847 people tested positive.  The figure is close to the 873 positive cases diagnosed on 10 August at the height of the recent spike.”

“The R figure stands at 1.25.  That’s still a moderate figure, but we need to be vigilant!”

More tests are being carried out: between 25,000 and 30,000 a day.  The rate of positive tests (2.7%) remains stable.  Steven Van Gucht: “This suggests the virus isn’t surging.  Simply we are identifying more cases”.

The strongest increase per head of population has been recorded in West Flanders.  In eastern parts there is a stabilisation.

In numbers the increase is biggest in the Brussels region: 140 new cases a day were recorded on average over the past week. The figure is up 20% on the week.  Brussels is the region with the highest number of tests, over 18 per 1,000 head of population. 5% of tests come back positive.  This figure is double the rate in other parts.

The number of hospital admissions linked to coronavirus remains low but is increasing.  On average 22 patients are being hospitalised a day.  The figure is up 41% in comparison with the previous week when the average stood at 16 a day.

On average the deaths of 3 people a day were linked to coronavirus.  The figure is down 44% on the week.

90,568 people have so far tested positive for coronavirus across Belgium.

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