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A hidden gem in Bruges: the former bishop's palace, where William and Kate spent the night

This video allows you a virtual tour in the present governor's house in Bruges, where William and Kate stayed overnight in 2017.

The former bishop's palace at the Burg in central Bruges was built near the belfry. The residence of the West-Flemish governor Carl De Caluwé at present, it used to be the bishop's residence. After 7 years of renovation and refurbishing works, the palace is shining like never before. 

The Bruges bishop lived here until the 18th century. Next came the French prefects and then the Dutch and Belgian governors. The refurbishing included large parts of the interior and the furniture.  

Many personalities enjoyed a high-end overnight stay here. The royal suite welcomed Prince William and his wife Kate on 30 July 2017, after the British Royals had visited Belgium. (the picture in the video shows Carl De Caluwé receiving his guests). If you would like to visit the place: group visits are an option, but in times of corona this is not so obvious. 

Enjoy a virtual visit in the video below:

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