Ryanair intends to scrap twice as many jobs at Charleroi and Brussels Airport: "A cynical game"

Low-cost carrier Ryanair is axing more jobs in Belgium due to the corona crisis. While 84 staff would be made redundant at first, this number would climb to 172, about one third of the total number of employees in Belgium. Trades unions intend to stage an emergency meeting tomorrow and are talking about "a cynical game". 

In July, Ryanair announced its intention to make 44 pilots redundant, with an official redundancy procedure being started. This number is now being lifted to 66, about one third of the 200 Ryanair pilots working in Belgium at the hubs in Charleroi and Brussels International Airport. At the same time, 106 cabin crew would be dismissed. 

The management argues that the corona crisis is hitting the company harder than thought and that the number of bookings stays well below par. Also, passengers are waiting longer to make a booking, which makes it harder to plan things. 

Trades unions are concerned and are planning to meet staff on Monday. Hans Elsen of the Christian trades union ACV Puls says it is unprecedented that a company is dismissing more people when a first redundancy procedure is still running. "Ryanair is playing a cynical game", he adds. "Ryanair is threatening to dismiss a large number of people, hoping that staff would accept lower wages instead."

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