Basic reproduction number higher than 1 in all 10 Belgian provinces

The latest figures on the basic reproduction number (R0) of the novel corona show that it now exceeds 1 in all 10 of Belgium’s provinces and the Brussels-Capital Region. The R0 number shows the average number of people that a given virus is passed onto by a person infected with that virus. If the R0 number exceeds 1 this means that the number of new cases of infection with that virus is increasing.  

Monday’s figures from the public health science institute Sciensano are the first since 8 August that give an R0 number in excess of 1 for ever province in Belgium. 

Namur Province has the lowest R0 number (1.133). In West Flanders the R0 number is 1.598. 

For the whole of Belgium the R0 number for the 7-day period between 7 and 13 September was 1.463. 



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