Flemish Government to provide extra funding for local contact tracing schemes

The Flemish Government is to provide local authorities with extra cash to fund local contact tracing initiatives. Since the upturn in the number of coronavirus infections in early August a number of municipal authorities in our region have been running initiatives to trace infection clusters and curb the further spread of the virus. 

In addition to this some local authorities have launched initiatives to try an informs groups that for whatever reason are difficult to reach with information about coronavirus prevention through the usual channels.  

The Flemish Welfare Minister Wouter Beke (Christian democrat, photo above) told VRT News that contact tracing is very important especially now the number of new infections is rising. Mr Beke added that “We are providing 93,000 euro and are deploying extra field agents from the central contact tracing service in order to offer support to all areas of the first line”. 

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