Health Minister stresses that existing rules need to be observed

The Federal Health Minister Maggie De Block (Flemish liberal) has reacted to the recent rise in number of coronavirus infections and the increase in the number of COVID-19 patients being hospitalised. Speaking during a visit to the newly-opened testing centre for passengers arriving at Zaventem Airport, near Brussels, Ms De Block said “I am concerned, the virus remains dangerous. People must respect the measures taken to combat it”. 

“I am always concerned when there are more infections. I know that people don’t find the measures pleasant, but it is necessary that we continue to respect them. Above all quarantine is very important. More and more people are coming together again, schools are open, sports clubs are starting up again, in short there are more contacts between people and this gives the virus strength which is something we should avoid”. 

When asked whether extra measures are needed to combat the increase in the number of new infections the Health Minister said that it is above all important that we respect the measures that are already in place. "The measures need to continue to be upheld, otherwise we won't get the virus under control. It is very important that people realise for themselves that it remains a dangerous virus. There are still people being hospitalised and there are still people dying”, Ms De Block said 


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