Warmest September day since records began

You will no doubt have noticed that like Monday, today is exceptionally warm for a mid-September day. At the Ukkel Weather Centre in Brussels temperatures of 33.1C° were recorded at 2pm. This makes Tuesday 15 September 2020 the warmest September day since records began. The previous record for the warmest September day was set 91 years ago in 1929. Then temperatures of 32.8°C were recorded at Ukkel. 

As the final word on Tuesday’s highest temperature won’t be known until the evening it is possible that the new record might even be higher still than the 33.1°C recorded at 2pm. 

Tuesday’s temperatures have also smashed the record for the warmest 15 September since records began. This had been set in 1947 when temperatures reached 29.3°C on 15 September.  

Monday too was a record-breaking day. Then temperatures reached 31.3°C at Ukkel, making it the warmest 14 September since records began. 

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