Five youngsters up to six years behind bars after Antwerp attacks

Five young men aged between 19 and 27 have been convicted for their role in the drugs war incidents in the city of Antwerp; they received up to six years' imprisonment. 

The attacks took place early last year. Cars were set ablaze, shots were fired at a house and grenades were thrown at cars in Antwerp and Hoboken. The incidents were part of war between two drugs gangs in Antwerp.

The judge labelled the facts as "completely reprehensible" and said the accused have a "a criminal mindset", adding that the facts could have had far worse consequences, and "the incidents triggered a feeling of anxiety in society."

The accused admitted some incidents, but said they were linked to a conflict between two families, and that they had nothing to do with drugs. The judges didn't believe the latter, and gave the young men prison sentences between 2 and 6 years.  

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