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Matthieu's primal scream: the first to swim the whole Belgian coastline

Matthieu Bonne (26) was quite emotional yesterday, after becoming the first Belgian man ever to swim the whole Belgian coastline - a total of 67 kilometres from De Panne (at the border with France) to Knokke-Heist (at the border with the Netherlands). His second attempt was the good one, he spent about 23 hours to realise his feat. 

Speaking after setting a new milestone, Matthieu Bonne told reporters "I never thought of giving up. Yes, I had some very difficult moments - eating was very difficult, he had stomach problems and had to avoid falling asleep in the water - but then I thought of other challenges from the past and this gave me energy. Now, I will sleep a lot and enjoy this. Actually I don't realise yet what I have achieved. It's unreal."

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