Two days with more than 1,000 new Covid cases

The rolling average of new corona infections has climbed to 779 last week, a 52 percent rise on the week. 

The figures released by the scientific institute Sciensano apply to the week from Sunday 6 to Saturday 12 September. The number of new Covid cases exceeded one thousand on Thursday and Friday, on Friday we even had more than 1,100 new infections. 

Experts say that the figures are now doubling every 12 days - in theory, we could have about 2,000 new infections per day in two weeks' time. The increase can be seen in all provinces, and concerns all age groups. But virologists are particularly concerned by the fact that a slight rise can now be seen among the vulnerable population as well, the elder people in society. 

Meanwhile, the number of hospital admissions remains relatively low, 33 on average each day, coming from 21 the week before. The number of fatalities remains stable at 3 per day. 

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