Wild wolf cubs alive and kicking, but they seem to have been reduced to three

The Institute for Nature and Forest Reasearch (INBO) has released footage showing the wolf cubs that were born last spring. The pups have grown a lot and are doing fine, but seem to have been reduced to three. 

The wolves August and Noëlla became the parents of four pups late April or early May, after meeting in the north of Limburg province. The family is roaming the northern areas of Limburg. The last time footage was released, was at the end of July, but now there is a new video.

The cubs are doing fine and are very active. One of them even plays with the hidden camera. However, while four pups were born, only three can be seen. It is unclear what happened to the fourth one: it may have died - which is not unusual among wolves - or it may pop up later on. 

Watch the latest footage here:

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