"No extra measures needed for care homes"

While the number of new Covid infections is on the rise, the number of new cases in nursing homes remains relatively low, says the Flemish Health Minister Wouter Beke. He sees no reasons to tighten corona restrictions. 

There are reports of new Covid patients in 66 of the 820 care homes at present, and only in three nursing homes more than five people tested positive. "If we compare this to the beginning of the crisis, we we are doing well, we are better prepared." Wouter Beke refers to the many tests which are carried out, and to the presence of (better) material. 

Beke concludes that stricter measures for visits are not on the table now, for that reason. "We should pay more attention to people's mental welfare." If visits would no longer be an option, old people in care homes may get lonely again.

While in March and April we thought the crisis would just take a couple of months, we know the virus can linger for maybe one year or more, the minister argues. This would mean that the stricter measures would make visits more complicated for a long time, and this while people going to a nursing home only have some two years to go on average.

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