Summer Bash

Dozens of young West-Flemings testing positive for Covid-19 after Portuguese outing

A large number of Belgians - especially West-Flemish youngsters - who just returned from the Portuguese resort of Albufeira have tested positive for coronavirus. There are reports of dozens of new infections. 

As many as 77 Belgians tested positive after their trip to the Algarve coast - a number which can still go up. Many of the youngsters took part in the Summer Bash Camp. They hail from the south or middle of West Flanders and are aged between 18 and 23 years. 

The news was announced by the West-Flemish governor Carl Decaluwé. He calls on all youngsters returning from the area to take a Covid test and to strictly follow the rules for self-isolation. "Contact tracing teams are busy trying to find the youngsters who stayed in the area but who were not taking part in the camp, but it's not easy to find them." 

Carl Decaluwé expects more positive cases to follow.

Organiser Jordy S'Jongers of Summer Bash was surprised. "We organised everything, the flight, transport, accommodation and trips. We did this in a coronaproof way, and worked in small groups to create bubbles. This worked well the whole summer with 1,000 youngsters. Until now."

S'Jongers suspects that many of the positive cases were triggered by youngsters who didn't take part in the camp itself, but who were staying in the area, and who didn't respect the bubbles. Many hail from Waregem and Tielt. Some suggest that the afterparties are to blame. 

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