12-year-old cyclist dies in road accident

A 12-year-old girl has been killed in a road traffic accident in the West Flemish municipality of Zwevegem. The accident that happened on Friday morning is the 6th in which a cyclist has been killed in the south of West Flanders since the start of the month. The girl was involved in a collision with a lorry while she was riding her bike on the Bekaertstraat in Zwevegem. 

The emergency services attended the scene but were unable to save her. The exact circumstances surrounding the accident are now the subject of an investigation. However, the local Mayor says that the accident occurred while the lorry driver was overtaking the cyclist.

The Mayor of Zwevegem Marc Doutreluingne (liberal) told VRT News that “Two girls were riding their bikes side by side on their way to school. At a certain moment a lorry overtook them. The victim is reported to have fallen from her bike and ended up under the lorry”.

Mr Doutreluingne added that cyclists can ride side by side at the place where the accident happened. Lorries are also allowed to overtake there". Accident investigation experts are at the scene to ascertain what exactly happened. "It is a very tragic accident that happened just 50 metres from the school gates”, the Mayor added.

The accident was the 6th cycling fatality of the roads of southern West Flanders since the start of the month. Early this month a 25-year-old cyclist was killed in an accident in Ooigem, a day later a 73-year-old cyclist from Izegem died in a road accident there. On Monday an 89-year-old cyclists died in a collision with a van, on Wednesday a 31-year-old was killed on the road between Zwevezele and Koolskamp and on Thursday a 76-year-old cyclist was killed after being hit by a van in Dentergem.

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