Issues with new contact tracing app

The new coronavirus contact tracing app Cornalert was launched on Friday morning. However, the launch has been marred by technical issues. A number of people that use smartphones with the Android operating system have been unable to download it onto their devices. The app uses Bluetooth technology and is design to help curb the spread of the novel coronavirus. Initially Coronalert is being rolled out among 10,000 users. From Monday 28 September it will be available to all in Belgium that wish to use it. 

The issues encountered by those with Android devices that try and download the app have been confirmed by Interfederal Committee for Testing and Tracing (IFC). IFC says that the source of the problem is with Google of which Android is a part. IFC says that those with Android devices will have to be patient and wait until the issues are resolved.

Meanwhile I-phone users have been able to download the app without any problems. It is not clear how many Android users have been unable to download the app. 60% of the 10,000 people that are in the test group for the app have android devices.

Friday’s launch came two weeks later than originally planned. The 10,000 test group is made up of staff members of a number of large companies such as Colruyt and Ernst and Young, staff at the catholic University of Leuven (KUL), hospital staff and civil servants. In addition to this those working for the Flemish, Walloon and German Language Community authorities will also have access to the app. The app will first be tested among the 10,000-strong group before it is made available to every on Monday week (28 September).

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