WHO doesn’t allow international expert from answering questions in the Federal Parliament

Just an hour before Friday’s meeting of the Federal Parliament’s Special Commission on the corona crisis was due to start the World Health Organisation WHO announced that its regional director Hans Kluge would not be allowed to participate. Mr Kluge was one of a number of experts that were to have answered questions from MPs. The members of the commission are not best pleased with the last-minute announcement that Mr Kluge will not be present at Friday’s meeting. The commission’s Chair Robby De Caluwé (Flemish liberal, photo above) has asked the WHO to reconsider. 

On the agenda of Friday’s COVID Commission were talks to be given by the Regional Director of the WHO Hans Kluge and the Head of International Relations at the Federal Health Department Lieven De Raedt. The members of the COVID Commissions were especially looking forward to Mr Kluge’s visits as it would give them the opportunity to ask him questions about the WHO’s approach to tackling the pandemic.

However, just an hour before the meeting was due to start the members of the commission were informed that Mr Klug would not be attending. The WHO has suggested that the commission members send their questions to them. There is a possibility that Mr Kluge will go to the Federal Parliament later.

All the parties that are represented in the commission have expressed their dissatisfaction at this way of working. Some suggest turning the commission into an investigative commission that would have wider powers. The commission’s Chair Robby De Caluwé has promised to pass on MPs’ disappointment at Mr Kluge’s absence and to request again that the comes to speak at the commission.

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