A car-free Sunday in times of corona

The third Sunday of September is traditionally Car-Free Sunday in Brussels and a in number of other towns and municipalities across Flanders.  The Car-Free Sunday marks the end of Mobility Week in the Brussels-Capital Region. During the Mobility Week residents and commuters are encouraged to think about alternative forms of transport to the car such as cycling, public transport and walking. 

Despite the coronavirus pandemic and the measures brought in to curb the virus’ spread Mobility Week and the Car-Free Sunday are going ahead, albeit with some changes to ensure that events are as corona-safe as they can possibly be.

This year Brussels' Car-Free Sunday is focussing on smaller, local events.

As in previous years all motor vehicles, other than buses, taxis and those with a special permit, will again be banned throughout the Brussels-Capital Region from 9:30am until 7pm on Sunday 20 September.

The large-scale events in the city centre that are traditionally associated with the Car-Free Day won’t go ahead this year. Instead numerous smaller events are taking place at locations across the 19 municipalities that make up the Brussels-Capital Region.  

The Car-Free Sunday coincides with the 32nd edition of the Brussels Heritage Days. The theme of this year’s Brussels Heritage Days is colour.

Click her to find out more about Brussels Heritage Days. 

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