Brussels First Minister Rudi Vervoort self-quarantines

The First Minister in the government of the Brussels-Capital Region Rudi Vervoort (Francophone socialist) has decided to self-quarantine. Mr Vervoort took his decision after his party colleague and the man that is standing in for him as Mayor of Evere Ridouane Chahid tested positive for COVID-19. The news of Mr Vervoort’s decision to self-quarantine was released by the Brussels First Minister’s office on Saturday morning.  

Mr Vervoort is Mayor of Evere but as this position can not be combined with that of First Minister in the Brussels regional government, Mr Chahid stands is standing in for him for the duration of his tenure as First Minister.

Mr Vervoort met with Mr Chadid several times prior to him having testing positive. Consequently Mr Vervoort has decided to self-quarantine.

During the coming days Mr Vervoort will meet no one and will not take part in any events. The First Minister’s office has not said how long Mr Vervoort will remain in self-quarantine. However, it will be at least until the results are known of a coronavirus test that he will undergo on Monday.   

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