Digital security system for containers at the port of Antwerp from next year

The Port of Antwerp will introduce a new security system for containers at the port from next year. The current system uses a pin code that if it falls into the wrong hands can lead to security breaches. From next year all containers at the port will be secured with a digital key which will make it more difficult for criminals,, especially those involved in drugs trafficking, to gain access to the containers.  

Currently in order to collect a container from the Port of Antwerp all that is required is a pin code. The pin code is created by the driver that delivers the container to the port. The Antwerp Alderman responsible for the port Annick De Ridder (Flemish nationalist) told VRT News that “This code is known to a lot people which means that it is easy for those with ill-intent to get hold of it. Consequently, criminals that are involved in drugs can get hold of the container and its contents and make off with it”.

For this reason the Port of Antwerp has now come up with a more secure system and the physical pin code will be replaced by a digital key.

"Only the driver that will be picking up the container will be able to use it at the terminal. This makes it much more difficult for criminals to get hold of a code simply because there isn’t one any more”, Ms De Ridder added.

Afterwards the police and customs will be able to trace which parties were involved in collecting the container.

"With this new system we will make it more difficult for criminals. Winning the battle will be a long-drawn out task, but we must face up to it”, Ms De Ridder concludes.  

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