College of Europe students in quarantine after 22 of them test positive for coronavirus

All 350 students at the College of Europe in Bruges are in quarantine after 22 students at the college tested positive for the novel coronavirus last week. The students lodge at 7 halls of residence spread across the West Flemish city. All teaching at the college is now being done online. 

The students are only allowed to leave their rooms to go shopping. The police in Bruges will be keeping a close eye on the students to make sure they respect the quarantine rules and will act accordingly if they don’t.

The Mayor of Bruges Dirk De fauw (Christian democrat) told VRT News “I convened a meeting of our local crisis cell on Sunday evening. We discussed straight away how we can contain this localised outbreak. For their own well-being, but also for that of everyone in Bruges, I call on the students at the College of Europe to take responsibility and to uphold the 14 days’ quarantine. Breeches will not be tolerated and fines of 250 euro will be issued”.

The Rector of the College of Europe Federica Mogherini told the VRT that “Safety is the priority, not only for the students and staff, but for all the residents of Bruges. We took all the necessary precautionary measures to curb the spread of the virus, to trace all contacts and to get the all the students tested straight away. We are working closely with the city authorities. I am especially grateful to the Mayor the services of the city council for their good cooperation. I am convinced that our students will take responsibility in these difficult circumstances and show respect for the city in which they are staying”. 

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